How do you source links etc? I was hoping to post alone and have the gif you made which included the comment about the police in paranorman. And didn't know if I should or if so how to source it to you. If your alright with me doing that.

well i mean if you’re just reposting the gif and that’s it i’d prefer you not. but if you’re like writing something and using the gif as a reaction gif or something like that then that’s totally fine! if you wanna source you can just put “from [link to the gifset]” which would be preferable but if you don’t feel like it you don’t have to source just as long as you’re not claiming the gif as your own or anything like that. thanks for asking!

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You probably think this world is a dream come true. But you’re wrong.

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Will this blog be dedicated to Laika's third movie, The Boxtrolls, when it comes out next month?

Good question lol. I feel like the movie doesn’t look like something I’ll be into (and doesn’t look nearly as good as coraline or paranorman IMO) but I’m gonna see it anyways just because it’s Laika, and if I like it well enough ill probably start reblogging it to this blog. So I guess we’ll just have to see haha

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… even though she was dead, something in her came back! And this part of her, wouldn’t go away even after three hundred years! And the longer it stayed, the less there was of the little girl.

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Other Parents + Text

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paranorman + quotes

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I love ur blog as much as I love coraline (and that's such a thing)

aw thanks :)

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